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Our Equipment Standardisation (ESP) and Asset Replacement Programmes (ARP) work together to form a critical division of our service offerings; Technical Audit Solutions. Those who enrol in our Technical Audit Solutions receive a professional service providing impartial advice which is tailored to customer needs. The end result is noticeable improvements to efficiency, cost-savings, and optimised patient outcomes.

We work in close partnership with our clients throughout every step of these processes to ensure a best-fit approach.

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How does it work?

Our expertise in management of medical devices provides our clients with the opportunity to achieve significant cost and efficiency benefits for managing their existing fleet of assets. Again, utilising our HEMS Asset Management System , we evaluate the equipment typology, variations, performance, reliability, and whole life costs within the inventory to assess suitability to incorporate an equipment standardisation solution.

The evaluation considers all aspects of the devices under review:
  • Equipment type
  • Variations in equipment OEM/Models
  • Age profile
  • Technology (i.e. how long until obsolete?)
  • Sustainability and quality
  • User experience (i.e. are end-users comfortable with using the equipment?)
  • Running costs for parts and maintenance
  • OEM support
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Whole life costs – parts, consumables, accessories, life-expectancy
  • Cost for replacement
  • Risks (equipment, user training, clinical)
The final analysis provides the client with a solution that delivers:
  • Standardised equipment and procedures for all departments
    • Reduced training costs
    • Reduced risk
    • Improved workflow efficiency
    • Improved compliance with CQC and MHRA
  • Increased efficiency for biomedical support and maintenance
    • Simplified analysis requirements, testing and maintenance processes
  • Standardisation of supportive supplies
    • Lower numbers of maintenance resources required for proper operation
    • Volume discounts help to minimise operating expense
  • Value for money
    • Improved purchase prices thanks to bulk buying discounts, along with the above cost-saving benefits keep overall costs down

As a vendor-neutral organisation, our clients can expect complete independence from the influences of manufacturers. We will negotiate on your behalf, remain totally independent, and deliver the best equipment solutions based on your needs and budget, with patient safety being prioritised.

All work carried out will be recorded on HEMS to ensure a high-detail audit trail is maintained.