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Our Asset Replacement (ARP) and Equipment Standardisation Programmes (ESP) work together to form a critical division of our service offerings; Technical Audit Solutions. Those who enrol in our Technical Audit Solutions receive a professional service providing impartial advice which is tailored to customer needs. The result is noticeable improvements to efficiency, cost-savings, and optimised patient outcomes.

We work in close partnership with our clients throughout every step of these processes to ensure a best-fit approach.

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How does it work?

The starting point for our ARP service must be a clean and accurate inventory. We utilise our Asset Management Software, HEMS, to evaluate device age profiles and conditions. A report is then produced for the client to aid in future budget planning over a fixed-term equipment replacement period.

Critical information is analysed, including:
  • Equipment type
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Date of manufacture
  • Initial purchase cost
  • Condition profiling
  • Location/Department
  • Risk profile (Equipment, Clinical, Environment)

Accurate and detailed information will ensure that the ARP provides the most comprehensive business case to present to Finance and Procurement planners. Our independent biomedical equipment specialists will deliver equipment replacement solutions to ensure the clients are presented with equipment solutions that deliver:

  • Technological advances
  • Sustainability (procurement, supply chain, maintenance, whole life costs)
  • Value for money
  • Long term support
  • Advance budget planning