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We are focused on providing technology solutions to replace manual and repetitive processes that are a drain on already constrained resources.

Automating and streamlining these time consuming and mundane processes allows for more resource to be freed up within clinical teams whilst also reducing any potential risk to patient safety. Locating equipment, patients, drugs, and medical records are examples of such time intensive processes that occur on an almost minute-by-minute basis within hospital environments.

How do we solve this problem?

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Real-Time Location Services

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has been around for many years and has played a key role in transforming other industries across the globe. As with all new technologies it has moved through its ‘early adopter’ phase and is now at a stage where it can be affordably and safely installed into healthcare environments.

These solutions incorporate; Low Frequency, High Frequency, Ultra-High Frequency, Plug & Play Bluetooth, Wi-Fi sensors and GPS technologies which, have their own individual benefits, and can be used in combination to provide a bespoke solution for your needs.

The most important step in our RTLS customer journey is the initial analysis and consultation period where our dedicated account managers will go through your problem in detail to produce a design brief before performing a technical audit of the onsite premises. This information is then used to determine what type of technologies we will combine to configure your bespoke solution. We will always aim for the most cost-effective solution for our customers creating unique future proof solutions that can be easily upgraded as technology advances.

As with our other services we will provide a full turnkey solution and this will include design, delivery, installation, repair and maintenance support, upgrade options and disposal at the end of the contract.

Reduction in hours spent locating loan equipment during hospital-wide audit

Reduction in hours spent locating equipment during equipment library audit

Reduction in hours spent during equipment leaving site audit

Here are a few problems faced by the Healthcare Industry we can solve using RTLS:
  • Tracking migration of medical equipment within acute hospital sites and community hospital trusts with multiple locations
  • Reduction in time wasted looking for medical equipment during PPMs
  • Real-time data on equipment currently within any given department/site
  • Locating medical records
  • Tracking patients within departments
  • Tracking the movement of community-based equipment sent away with patients. A prime example of this is syringe drivers
  • Stock/Inventory management of drugs, medicines and vaccines