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Data acquisition (DAQ) is the measurement, recording, analysing, and presentation of real-world phenomena. It includes electrical measurements such as voltage, current, power as well as measurements through sensors and transducers including temperature, pressure, flow, level, strain, acceleration, pH, humidity and more.

Selecting the ideal recorders/data loggers depends on your application. Typical factors include sample rates, channel scalability, signal conditioning, sensor types, analysis capability, mobility, and environmental conditions.

Yokogawa recorders/data loggers are recognized for industry leading measurement accuracy, noise tolerance, and build quality. These include most industrial networking protocols, all-in-one architectures, and typically require no programming.

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OpreX is the comprehensive brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business and stands for excellence in the related technology and solutions. It consists of categories and families under each category. This product belongs to the OpreX Data Acquisition family that is aligned under the OpreX Measurement category.

Industry-Leading Reliable Paperless Recorder

Power generation, process automation, and factory automation in manufacturing industries require rigorous, continuous monitoring in the control room. The GX paperless recorder series is Yokogawa’s latest recorder offering for industrial automation.

The GX paperless recorder series is an industry-first multi-point touch panel, to improve intuitive and smart operator control. Users can scroll, pan, zoom historical data, and even write freehand messages on its dust-proof and water-proof display. The Yokogawa GX paperless recorder series delivers industry leading reliability and measurement accuracy. Its custom graphics accommodates application or process-specific displays, while a wide range of communication protocols guarantee compatibility with your network architecture. It’s simple for operators to view and retrieve past data with automatic email and FTP notifications.

Supporting FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU-GMP Annex 11, and data integrity

The advanced security function provides safety to use. With the expansion of the advanced security function option (/AS), it corresponds to US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU-GMP Annex 11, and data integrity in accordance with ALCOA +.

Easier to use and more convenient

Industry’s first! AI Equipment / Quality Easy Predictive Detection

Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection:

By easily creating predictive detection models from past recorded data, you can detect prediction of abnormalities in manufacturing equipment and products at an early stage.

Future Pen:

With no complicated settings, you simply register the channels that you want to monitor as future pens, draw the near future as waveforms.

Easily determine the quality of processes and equipment with the Health Monitor function

By easily creating predictive detection models from past recorded OK/NG (Not Good) data and loading it into GX/GP, you can detect prediction of abnormalities in manufacturing equipment and product quality degradation at an early stage. And because health scores which show the degree of normal and abnormal data consider correlations among multiple data to make

determinations, they can capture prediction of abnormalities that are difficult for humans to detect.

  • Maximum number of channels: 20
  • Shortest recording interval: 100 ms
  • Target channels: I/O channel, math channel, and communication channel
  • Files that can be used to create a predictive detection model:

Yokogawa products] SMARTDAC+, DXAdvanced

[Other companies’ products] KEYENCE : TR-W1000 and TR-W500 csv file, CHINO : KR2000 and KR3000 csv file, EUROTHERM : 6100A and 6180A csv file

Health monitor function empowers you to:

  • Perform maintenance and repair before equipment malfunctions and product quality degradation
  • Quantify degrees of equipment deterioration and quality degradation
  • Easily build equipment/quality predictive detection systems on site

Profile function empowers you to:

  • Monitor and set alarms for the entire process, including the initial rise
  • Compare the current process values with the ideal waveform

Profile function delivers real-time warnings of abnormalities

By creating a profile waveform from past recorded data and loading it into GX/GP, this waveform can be used as a threshold for process values. Profile waveforms are useful in applications where process values change over time. Also, you can see the deviation from the reference waveform on the screen.

  • Maximum number of channels: 20
  • Shortest recording interval: 500 ms  

*/MC option required

Use Case: Steriliser application: SMARTDAC+ AI-Based Equipment/Quality Easy Predictive Detection

Having any of these problems?

  • Want to prevent unexpected product quality degradation
  • Unexpected production line shutdown due to equipment malfunction impacts the production plan
  • Preventive maintenance is expensive
  • Fewer skilled personnel, insufficient skill transfer
  • Past recorded data is stored, but not effectively utilised

Solutions with Easy Predictive Detection

SMARTDAC+ AI notifies you of the deterioration of equipment and product quality degradation!

  • Always monitor the status with Health Score
  • AI notifies you of prediction of abnormalities on site
  • Optimizing costs by performing predictive maintenance rather than preventive maintenance
  • AI makes a steady judgment like experienced operator
  • Easy to create predictive detection models and profile trends from past recorded data (no AI knowledge and consulting required)
Steriliser application 1

Measured data: Temperature, pressure, and others

Example: Applying the Health Monitor function


Want to avoid lot rejection by capturing prediction of faulty vacuuming after sterilisation (from loose valves, weakened packing, and other causes) before an alarm occurs.

  • Before a quality defect occurs, detect abnormal prediction by the changes in the health score
  • Enables maintenance and repair before equipment malfunctions
  • Can be used as a timing index for packing replacement, etc
Steriliser application 2

Measured data: Temperature and others

Example: Applying the Profile function


Want to detect product quality defects at an early stage by detecting temperature abnormalities during the sterilisation process.

  • Immediately detects when temperature deviates from an allowable range in real time