CBS02 – Customer Testimonial!

8th February 2019

Over the past year we have been working with a medical device manufacturer to develop the most light-weight, portable scanner specifically designed for community use; the scanner features 2 display modes, a patient mode; which allows you to customise the scanning depth based on the patient’s body type, customisable urine volume alarms and, most importantly, consistent and precise measurement accuracy.

The scanner has been trialled extensively with great success and positive feedback within all NHS care settings. – Have a look at one of our customer testimonials below!

“[The CBS02] has proved to be a very beneficial addition for [our continence] team. The biggest advantage is in its portability; without a doubt it is the most efficient scanner for transport to any venue which may require more negotiation, have difficult environments and access to hospital sites where parking can be challenging and often long distance. This will be my choice of scanner for future visits due to its light weight and compact size.”

–    Karen Davis, Clinical Lead for Continence Team at Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust.

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